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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

For God Created All Men Equal At the Font

One discovers that the Georgian Era of Great Britain covered the reigns of the first four Hanoverian Kings from 1714  with German George 1st, then George's  2, 3 and 4, ending in the short reign of William in 1837.

This page is about my maternal Clark subjects - Henry's 1, 2, 3 and 4 - also ending with a William, but in descending order!

11 April 1858  Great Great Henry Edward Clark was baptised in this marble font, created by colleague of Christopher Wren - Grinling Gibbon in1686. They were part of the  Restoration team rebuilding London after the Great Fire of London in 1666. Architect Sir Christopher Wren designed this Anglican Church of  St. James, Piccadilly.
The Font of Knowledge - St.James Piccadilly
Baby Henry was first son of 22 year old Coal dealer/Grocer HENRY WILLIAM CLARK of 45 CARNABY STREET SOHO, and his Irish born wife Margaret Clark nee Murphy (My Great Grandparents x 3)The other shops along Carnaby Street housed TAILOR's and is probably why Henry grew up and got an apprenticeship to train as a Tailor Journeyman.

His father had been baptised on
17 Jan 1836 at  St John of Jerusalem, South Hackney. He also was the first child and son named Henry.
Grocer Henry Clark's  father had been christened in the same Church as his son, Henry the West End Tailor on
10 Dec 1815 - Henry, first son of Henry and Rebecca Clark nee Martin, at ST. JAMES PICCADILLY was born in a momentous year.
His father was a returned SOLDIER from the Battle of Waterloo and recorded in the parish register as residing at the "Horse Barracks".
Fine figure of  the noble Horse/Guard
of the Household Cavalry  2010
Once I went home I discovered the Clark connection .
I can imagine future Clark sons would have been told about Henry Clark the WAR HERO who helped to defeat Napoleon and received a medal. Somewhere in the mists of time the medal is in a  mystery location...
With 21st century technology the disconnected descendents can discover their past family obscure histories.
St. James Horse Barracks, Westminster.                                         
Little Henry would grow up to be a FOOTMAN(son's christening record). Perhaps he wanted to look as good as his father did in uniform!

His father was christened at the ancient St.Botolph's Aldgate, nr Shoreditch, Islington on
28 Sept 1794.
The Parish register notes the Clark family were
 Renters - Nightingale Lane(East Smithfield).

St Anne Limehouse
AND his father was Henry Clark baptised at ST. ANNE'S LIMEHOUSE - 29th June 1766
A Mariner's son - 

1751 view from the East End of London.

As the Hanoverian monarchs expanded their Empire, the Clarks would achieve their vision of working in the West End - with slow and steady progress into the the nineteenth century. 
It was very likely that the family experienced the odd hiccup to drink,  loss of a good shirt and an STD along the way, but that's Life!


One of many Favourite children's action songs.
Oranges and Lemons - now has a personal note.

Holiday snap of our Georgian London Summer residence 2009.
Our room  is in the renovated attic at the very top of the very narrow flights of servants stairs.

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